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/im meme lash master cara os 01black
/im meme lash master cara os 01black
/im meme lash master cara os 01black
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Video review of I'M MEME LASH MASTER-CARA Black by kenzieemmer
Video review of I'M MEME LASH MASTER-CARA Black by 632fd0dfc52e0e22d7ceb85f
Video review of I'M MEME LASH MASTER-CARA Black by 659440b77d22873e877ba994


Color: Black


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Video review of LASH MASTER-CARA by Lexis Webb
Verified Buyer

This is a valid transcription of a video review for the product LASH MASTER-CARA in Black color by I'M MEME. The reviewer, Lexis, praises the mascara for its smooth and controlled application. They express their dislike for mascaras that are runny, but state that this one is not. Lexis emphasizes the controlled application multiple times and loves how it is not messy. They mention that it works well for their lashes and wish they had discovered it sooner. Overall, Lexis highly recommends the LASH MASTER-CARA mascara, highlighting its controlled application as its best feature. The review is positive and provides valuable insights for potential buyers.

Video review of LASH MASTER-CARA by Kenzie Anna
Verified Buyer

The LASH MASTER-CARA in Black color by I'M MEME has impressed Kenzie with its performance. In their video review, Kenzie mentions that even with just two coats, the mascara visibly enhances their lashes. They appreciate the buildable formula, which doesn't crumble, flake, or transfer onto their eyelids throughout the day. Kenzie demonstrates the mascara's effectiveness by showing the difference with just one coat. However, they do mention a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, their lashes tend to straighten out and fall a bit throughout the day. Secondly, the formula can become clumpy if not applied carefully. Despite these minor issues, Kenzie genuinely enjoys using this mascara and intends to continue using it. Overall, the LASH MASTER-CARA in Black color by I'M MEME seems to be a reliable and effective choice for achieving voluminous lashes.

Video review of LASH MASTER-CARA by Bethany Wei
Verified Buyer

Bethany is super excited to try out the I'M MEME LASH MASTER-CARA in Black color. She loves that it has a thin wand, as big wands don't work well for her. Upon application, she immediately notices lengthening and volume. The formula is on the drier side, which she appreciates because it allows for buildability without product transfer. With just one coat, her lashes maintain their curl, unlike with other mascaras. Bethany decides to apply two coats, which gives her the desired effect without clumping. Overall, she highly recommends this mascara, especially for those with short lashes.

About I'M MEME

About I'M MEME

/I’M-ME-ME/: 🧡 Ultra-portable. Ultra-wearable. Beginner-friendly. K-Beauty.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: South Korea
Instagram Page
Makeup iconMakeup
Asian-Owned iconAsian-Owned
Prestige iconPrestige

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