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LAMEL SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette
LAMEL SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette
/lamel selflove eyeshadow palette os no402
/lamel selflove eyeshadow palette os no402
/lamel selflove eyeshadow palette os no402
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Video review of LAMEL SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette No402 by brooklynkayemakeup
Video review of LAMEL SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette No402 by kmbuettner4
Video review of LAMEL SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette No402 by kells198037

SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette LAMEL

Color: No402


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Verified Buyer

So today, Destinie reviewed the SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette in No402 color by LAMEL. She described it as a nude-like sparkle glitter palette, perfect for creating a simple eyeshadow look. Destinie applied the upper left glitter shade after the first layer of nude, resulting in a finished look that she seemed satisfied with. She recommended viewers to try out this self-love eyeshadow palette by LAMEL. Overall, the palette appears to offer a range of shades suitable for creating various eye looks, with the added touch of sparkle and glitter. However, it's important to note that the review did not mention any potential drawbacks or specific standout features of the product.

Video review of SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette by Brooklyn Kaye
Verified Buyer

Brooklyn was highly impressed with the SELFLOVE Eyeshadow Palette in No402 color by LAMEL. Despite one shade arriving broken, she easily fixed it by repressing it. She began by using a medium shade as a transition shade in her crease, followed by a darker cooler brown to define it. For her lash line, she opted for a dark brown shade instead of a winged look to achieve fuller lashes. The bright matte shade beautifully defined her inner corner, while the glitters added an expensive and gorgeous touch. Brooklyn was particularly obsessed with the glitters and even used a darker one to transition to the dark liner. Overall, she highly recommends adding this palette to your cart as it delivers stunning results.



Lamel is a beauty brand committed to providing innovative and affordable makeup products for everyone. Our brand's mission is to strengthen, inspire, motivate, and empower people through creating products, conditions, and environments that encourage them to act and make the things they desire. LAMEL was founded in 2012. It was created with a focus on self-expression, bringing inspiration, courage, and creativity. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. We use a variety of textures and expressive designs that follow current trends, including multifunctionality and natural makeup. Our makeup is inspired by our customers, and we aim to create products that empower them to express their unique style. Join the Lamel community and discover a new level of makeup excellence!

Founded in: 2012
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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