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Lavaa Beauty Ombre French
Lavaa Beauty Ombre French
/lavaa beauty ombre french os french
/lavaa beauty ombre french os french
/lavaa beauty ombre french os french
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Video review of Lavaa Beauty Ombre French  by angelmcneil3
Video review of Lavaa Beauty Ombre French  by info201499
Video review of Lavaa Beauty Ombre French  by bqrx5b6ptg

Ombre French Lavaa Beauty

Color: French


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Video review of Ombre French by angel mcneil
Verified Buyer

angel, a reviewer, shares her experience with the Ombre French by Lavaa Beauty in her video review. She emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of these press-on nails, stating that they look better than salon designs. The nails are durable and do not easily come off, even when banged against objects. The temporary glue used is moldable and allows for easy removal. angel recommends these press-ons for those who want a cute nail decoration without spending a lot of money. She mentions that most press-ons look fake, but this brand stands out. Overall, the Ombre French by Lavaa Beauty offers a convenient and affordable solution for stylish nails.

Video review of Ombre French by angel mcneil
Verified Buyer

angel's video review of the Ombre French by Lavaa Beauty showcases a fabulous product that can elevate anyone's mood. She emphasizes the importance of nails in making a woman feel better, and these lava nails have exceeded her expectations. Even after a month of use, none of them have broken, and she has received numerous compliments. angel predicts that the neutral ombre trend will make a comeback in 2023, and she highly recommends these nails for less than $20. Overall, the Ombre French by Lavaa Beauty is a durable and stylish option that can enhance anyone's look.

About Lavaa Beauty

About Lavaa Beauty

Lavaa Beauty was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 2016 as a luxury lash brand. Over the last few years, we have expanded our assortment and now offer other beauty products besides lashes, such as Makeup, Press-On Nails, and innovative Lash products. Lavaa Beauty was founded by our CEO in her 20s, at a peak time of self-discovery and a love for beauty. Growing up in Europe, Lavaa Beauty's founder was accustomed to more natural and conservative makeup trends and aimed to offer a wide variety of trendy products in a more natural and wearable way. Lavaa Beauty is a team made up of all women, including our supply chain, so it is essential to our company that we give back and support our local female community. Lavaa Beauty's mission is to empower people of all ages and styles to feel creative and confident, whether you're getting ready for work or play! We are known for creating everyday wearable styles while still letting current trends shine through. Beauty doesn't have to be limited. Us girls at Lavaa Beauty love to stay connected to our consumers through our social channels and our Blog on our website.

Founded in: 2016
Origin: USA
Instagram Page
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Prestige iconPrestige
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Gives Back iconGives Back

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