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angel recently tried ITEM Beauty's Boost Juice Lash Primer & Color Mascara and was amazed by the results. angel applied the mascara and was shocked by the difference it made to their lashes, noting that it made them look longer and more voluminous. angel was so impressed by the mascara that they declared it to be "next-level" and recommended that everyone should go and get it right away.

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angel recently reviewed Live Tinted's Change Huestick and was highly impressed with the product. They found that the eyeshadow crayons were incredibly easy to use and provided a beautiful, foolproof look. angel demonstrated how to use the product, blending the pigment until there were no harsh lines and extending it outward towards the tip of the eyebrow for a lifted look. The review concluded with a demonstration of the finished look, which angel said they loved.

Video review of Glow Stick Lip Oil by angel mcneil
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The Pacifica Glow Stick Lip Oil is a great dupe for the popular and expensive Dior lip oil, according to reviewer angel. They mention that the Pacifica lip oil takes a few coats to fully develop, but once applied, it provides a glowy and glossy finish that gives the same radiance as the Dior lip oil. The reviewer suggests that you can even layer another gloss over it for added tint throughout the day. Overall, angel recommends trying out this affordable drugstore alternative, as it offers similar results to the high-end product.

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