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Mario Badescu Aluminum Free Deodorant
Mario Badescu Aluminum Free Deodorant
/mario badescu deodorant os white
/mario badescu deodorant os white
/mario badescu deodorant os white
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Video review of Mario Badescu Aluminum Free Deodorant  by angelmcneil3
Video review of Mario Badescu Aluminum Free Deodorant  by nathalie_velazquez
Video review of Mario Badescu Aluminum Free Deodorant  by beautygurujen

Aluminum Free Deodorant #Mario Badescu

Color: White


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Video review of Aluminum Free Deodorant by angel mcneil
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, angel, discusses the importance of smelling good during the upcoming summer season. They emphasize the need for a reliable deodorant that is free from harmful ingredients like aluminum. According to angel, the Mario Badescu Aluminum-Free Deodorant is a great option. They describe its scent as light and refreshing, giving it a luxurious feel. angel mentions that applying the deodorant once or twice a day is sufficient for it to work effectively. They also note that this deodorant is particularly effective at eliminating odor, even for those who struggle with other aluminum-free options. Overall, angel recommends the Mario Badescu Aluminum-Free Deodorant for anyone looking to stay fresh and confident during the hot summer months.

Video review of Aluminum Free Deodorant by Jen Rinaldi
Verified Buyer

Jen, a reviewer, shares her experience with the Mario Badescu Deodorant in her video review. She mentions being sensitive to deodorants but found this formula to be suitable for her needs. The absence of baking soda, along with being aluminum-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, impressed her. The deodorant contains cleansing sage, cucumber, and ginger root oils, giving it a refreshing spa-like scent. Jen appreciates that the scent is not overpowering, attributing it to the natural ingredients. She concludes by stating that the deodorant passed her test and recommends others to give it a try. Overall, the Mario Badescu Deodorant seems to be a promising option for individuals with sensitive underarms, offering a gentle and effective solution.

Video review of Aluminum Free Deodorant by Nathalie  Velazquez
Nathalie  Velazquez
Nathalie Velazquez
Verified Buyer

Nathalie's video review of the Deodorant by Mario Badescu highlights its suitability for the summertime. She describes it as her new favorite deodorant, praising its gluten-free, vegan, and baking soda-free formula. Nathalie appreciates the pleasant and fresh scent of the deodorant, noting that it has a soft fragrance. She also compliments the simple and user-friendly packaging. Overall, Nathalie highly recommends the Deodorant by Mario Badescu, emphasizing its positive qualities and encouraging others to try it. With its gluten-free and vegan formula, pleasant scent, and easy-to-use packaging, this deodorant is a great choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable product.

About Mario Badescu

About Mario Badescu

SIMPLE, GENTLE & EFFECTIVE SKIN CARE Times change, trends change. But one thing never does: The importance of taking good care of your skin. It’s what we’ve believed since the beginning, and what we’ve been doing since the first face walked through our doors. It’s given us the hands-on-skin know how we need to create regimens that problem-solve now and plan for your skin’s future. Our products aren’t thought up in a lab, they’re made and mixed by us – from real life experience. They work fast, but they’re no quick fix. Because we’re in it for the long run. From the first blemish forward. Every day. For a lifetime. And we’ve got three generations of faces to prove it. Looking back, looking in the mirror and looking ahead, you can be sure that your skin will go through phases and that we’ll be here to take you through them all. Because we know Good Skin Is Forever.

Founded in: 1967
Origin: United States
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