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Melt Cosmetics Supernatural Lash Mascara
Melt Cosmetics Supernatural Lash Mascara
/melt cosmetics supernatural lash mascara os supernatural
/melt cosmetics supernatural lash mascara os supernatural
/melt cosmetics supernatural lash mascara os supernatural
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Video review of Melt Cosmetics Supernatural Lash Mascara  by 631caf18c849f2b406caf214
Video review of Melt Cosmetics Supernatural Lash Mascara  by 631caf18c849f2b406caf214
Video review of Melt Cosmetics Supernatural Lash Mascara  by _bbkmua

Supernatural Lash Mascara #Melt Cosmetics

Color: Supernatural


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Video review of Supernatural Lash Mascara by Selena Graham
Verified Buyer

Selena starts by mentioning that she has filled in her eyebrows off-screen to frame her face and applied concealer under her eyes to address any dark circles. However, she highlights that the most crucial step is the application of mascara. Selena admits to applying mascara in a bold and intense manner, cautioning against touching it while wet. Instead, she advises waiting for it to dry before gently flaking off any excess.

Video review of Supernatural Lash Mascara by Raquel rojas
Verified Buyer

Review: Raquel recently reviewed the Supernatural Lash Mascara from Melt Cosmetics Aesthetics. She was intrigued by its "ultra black" claim and decided to put it to the test. Despite not being waterproof, Raquel wore the mascara during her workout and was pleasantly surprised by its staying power. She did mention that the wand was a bit short and recommended using a curler for better results. However, she was impressed by the mascara's ability to create volume and its intense black color. Raquel even mentioned that she continued to wear it throughout the day without any smudging. Overall, she expressed her love for Melt Cosmetics and stated that she would continue using this mascara.

About Melt Cosmetics

About Melt Cosmetics

Founded in 2012 when Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar identified that highly pigmented, ultra-matte, bold shades of lipstick were missing from the cosmetics world; Melt Cosmetics set out to fill that void. The duo took their combined decade of experience in the makeup industry and working in retail, and invested their life savings to create 5 shades that sold out the minute they launched online in May of 2013. Lora and Danas marketing instinct, and unique industry perspective allowed Melt Cosmetics to quickly bridge the gap between social media centric and professionally acclaimed make up brands, setting the bar for the independent brands that followed. In the fast paced world of makeup, Melt Cosmetics is one of the biggest independent brands in existence. Today Melt is more than a cosmetics brand, it embodies the freedom of expression through makeup, while empowering its cult following to be unapologetically themselves – just like its co-founders. The story of Melt is not just another story about two young women who created a business that quickly outgrew their homes. It is about being unafraid to take the risks involved in pursuing your dreams, and the willingness to put customers at the center of it all. From highly pigmented lipsticks, to innovative eye shadow stacks, and highlighters, Melt’s razor sharp focus on creating cutting edge products that are missing from the market continues to push the boundaries of what quality cosmetics should be.

Founded in: 2012
Origin: United States
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