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Shannah Van Geldern - shannahsweet
Shannah Van Geldern
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Review by Shannah

ShineOn Lip Jelly

Shannah from Flip reviewed the ShineOn Lip Jelly in Clear gloss with gold shimmer color by Tower 28 Beauty. She expressed her love for the app and her excitement about trying this product. However, she seemed unsure about her opinion, repeating multiple times that she didn't know if she liked it or not. Despite this, she mentioned the gorgeous sheen of the lip jelly. It is important to note that the transcription provided limited information about the product's performance, benefits, or potential drawbacks. Overall, Shannah's review did not provide a clear assessment of the ShineOn Lip Jelly.

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Review by Shannah

Acid Potion Liquid Exfoliator

Shannah, a reviewer on Flip, shares her positive experience with the Acid Potion Liquid Exfoliator by Moon Juice. She mentions that this product has transformed her skin, particularly in addressing breakouts, scarring, and red spots. Shannah appreciates the versatility of the product, as she can apply it directly to her face or use it on a patch. She attributes the effectiveness of the Acid Potion to its acid content and the inclusion of mushroom extract. According to her, this product prevents clogged pores and leaves her skin feeling nourished. Overall, Shannah's review highlights the positive impact of the Acid Potion Liquid Exfoliator on her skin, making it a promising option for those struggling with similar skin concerns.

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