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Marion Blanco - MairSkinMakeup
Marion Blanco
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The Moonshine Hydrating Primer by JUNO & Co is praised by Marion in their video review. Marion mentions that the product comes in a nice hard plastic packaging and is specifically designed to be moisturizing. They found it to be an excellent makeup primer that prepares the skin well for makeup application. Marion describes the consistency as thick but easy to rub in. Overall, they highly recommend the Moonshine Hydrating Primer for its moisturizing properties and its ability to create a smooth canvas for makeup. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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The Blossom Glam Squad's Strawberry Gloss & Honey Jasmine Perfume is a versatile product that combines a lip gloss and a perfume in one. Marion confirms that the perfume indeed smells like Honey Jasmine, although it has a slightly artificial scent. The lip gloss is described as a standard gloss, nothing extraordinary. Marion appreciates the inclusion of real dried flowers, which adds a cute touch to the product. Overall, Marion does not regret purchasing this combo as it is convenient to keep in a purse for quick touch-ups. The product is recommended for those looking for a pleasant scent and a handy lip gloss option.

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The Real Techniques Face & Body Blender Brush is a large brush that is ideal for applying foundation or creating a glowy look on the body. Marion finds it too large for the face, but believes it is perfect for the décolleté, shoulders, and covering tattoos. The brush is great for body foundation and achieving a flawless finish. Its size makes it efficient for larger areas, but may not be suitable for precise application on the face. Overall, the Real Techniques Face & Body Blender Brush is a great product for those looking to achieve a seamless body foundation or add a touch of glow to their skin.

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