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Kristen Wampler - scotswyfe
Kristen Wampler
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*New kid in town, I’m obsessed with skin care and all beauty products. ❤️


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The Micro Correctfit Cushion #201 Beige in #201 beige color by Moonshot was reviewed by Kristen in a video review. Kristen mentioned that she was initially concerned about the shade being too light for her, and she found it to be the case. However, she did find a use for it as an under-eye concealer. Kristen appreciated the convenience of the included puff for application. She mentioned that the product would be perfect for those with light or fair skin tones. However, she also noted that it may not be suitable for those with darker skin tones. Overall, Kristen found the product to be pretty but limited in its use.

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Kristen, in her video review, briefly interrupted her vacuuming to express her satisfaction with the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co. She praised its performance, referring to it as a "great blender." Kristen's quick and efficient makeup application was made possible by this product. Although she did not elaborate on specific benefits, her positive tone and the fact that she referred to it as a "great blender" suggest that the sponge provides a smooth and flawless finish. No potential drawbacks were mentioned. Overall, Kristen's review indicates that the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co is a reliable and effective cosmetic tool.

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The Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co is highly praised by Kristen in her video review. She demonstrates its effectiveness by applying cream makeup, showcasing its blending capabilities. Kristen notes that the sponge is furry and not as wet or damp as other beauty blenders, which she appreciates. Overall, she is impressed with the product and welcomes it into her beauty routine. The Mircofiber Velvet Sponge seems to offer a unique texture and ease of use, making it a beneficial tool for makeup application. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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