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Ivy Gray - igray0773
Ivy Gray
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50 year old wife, mother of 2 , GiGi of 3 who is just trying to age gracefully. I also enjoy luxury items on a budget


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Review by Ivy Gray

Video review of Blackstone  Eye Cream by Ivy Gray

Overall, Ivy's review highlights the effectiveness of the Blackstone Eye Cream in providing moisture and leaves a positive impression on her. She expresses interest in a potential women's collection and plans to share the product with her husband. Ivy's genuine approach to reviewing the product adds credibility to her assessment.

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Review by Ivy Gray

Video review of Clarity Acid Peel by Ivy Gray

Ivy provides a positive review of the Clarity Acid Peel by Pixi in her video review. She mentions that the acid peel is very gentle and easy to use. Ivy specifically highlights how the product effectively cleansed her pores on her nose and under her chin, leaving her skin looking fantastic the next morning. She emphasizes that she did not apply any moisturizer yet, wanting to showcase the true results of the product. Ivy, a mature woman with grandchildren, highly recommends the Clarity Acid Peel and encourages others to try it. Overall, Ivy's review portrays the product as effective and suitable for all skin types.

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Review by Ivy Gray

Video review of Premium Scented Dryer Sheets by Ivy Gray

Ivy provides a glowing review of the Luxury Scented Dryer Sheets in Indonesian Patchouli color by Laundry Sauce. She raves about the amazing results she has experienced with this product. Ivy mentions using the dryer sheets on her blankets, curtains, and even in her car, and she is thrilled with the lingering scent that fills her house. She also mentions placing the sheets in her closets, which adds to the overall pleasant aroma. Ivy expresses her high recommendation for the dryer sheets and mentions her intention to try the pods in the future. She concludes by emphasizing how beautiful the dryer sheets look in the laundry room. Overall, Ivy's review highlights the effectiveness and versatility of the Luxury Scented Dryer Sheets, making them a must-have for anyone looking to enhance the scent of their laundry and living spaces.

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