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Kyra Endoso - kyra_e
Kyra Endoso
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Review by Kyra

Slide Contour Brush

The Slide Contour Brush by Real Techniques is a three-in-one brush that is perfect for makeup beginners like Kyra. She loves the concept of having a brush that can do it all and guide her through the process. The back of the package provides clear instructions on which level of brush to use for different purposes, which Kyra finds extremely helpful. She was pleasantly surprised by the brush's sturdy and heavy-duty construction, dispelling her initial concerns about it being cheap plastic. Kyra believes it will be a great tool for traveling or doing makeup on the go, as it offers versatility and convenience. The brush is super soft, adding to Kyra's excitement about using it. Overall, the Slide Contour Brush by Real Techniques seems to be a reliable and useful product for makeup enthusiasts.

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Review by Kyra

SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser

The SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender is highly praised by Kyra in her video review. She demonstrates how easy it is to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders using this product. Kyra mentions that all you need to do is wet the brush or sponge, scrub it with the soap, and then use the included silicone scrubber to further clean it. She is impressed with the results, noting that even a prominent mark on her brush disappeared after just five seconds of scrubbing. Overall, Kyra is astonished by the effectiveness of the cleanser. With its ability to quickly and thoroughly clean brushes and sponges, the SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender appears to be a beneficial addition to any makeup routine.

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Review by Kyra

Puzzle Feeder™ / Dog Bowl for Eating Habit Training  (Lawn-Green)

Kyra mentions that her red healer, known for loving puzzles, took to the Puzzle Feeder instantly. She appreciates the sturdy construction of the feeder, unlike other flimsy plastic options she has tried before. The fact that it is made from plant-based material adds to its appeal.

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