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Ashley Ma - AshleyMamoncillo
Ashley Ma
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I JUDGE PRODUCTS HARD! 😁 -In RECOVERY for: nail-biting, skin-picking, hair-pulling. insta: @ashleymamoncillo


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Cicalfate LIPS

Ashley, a reviewer who struggles with body focused repetitive behaviors, highly recommends Cicalfate LIPS by Avene for anyone who picks or peels their lips. In her video review, Ashley expresses her amazement at the product's effectiveness. She shares that she applied it to her extremely dry lips and was blown away by the results. The product's magic-like qualities left her impressed and she appreciates that it doesn't leave an oily or greasy feel. Ashley is particularly pleased that Cicalfate LIPS has helped her overcome her compulsion to peel her lips. Overall, she finds the product to be a game-changer in her lip care routine.

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Review by Ashley

SolaireUV Mineral Multi-Defense SPF50

Ashley, from Savagely Honest Reviews, shares her thoughts on the SolaireUV Mineral Multi-Defense SPF50 in White color by Avene. With sensitive, acne-prone skin, Ashley appreciates that this sunscreen is fragrance-free, oil-free, and non-comedogenic. She mentions that it's a serum, which excites her as it suits her oily combination skin. Ashley notes that she can't determine if there's a white cast due to her fair complexion. She suggests adding powder if it feels too oily. Ashley believes this SPF 50 sunscreen would work well under foundation and plans to update her review after trying it that way. She appreciates that it's a mineral sunscreen, not a chemical one. Overall, Ashley's initial impression is positive, and she looks forward to further testing.

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Review by Ashley

Color Depositing Mask

Ashley tried out the Color Depositing Mask in Cyber tokyo color by IGK Hair and was impressed by its pigmentation. She demonstrated on a tissue how black it looked, emphasizing that it stains everything it touches. Despite this, Ashley was pleased with the product's ability to add moisture to her hair, especially since it had been dry and lifeless. She mentioned that she had tried other color depositing products before, but none had stained her hand as quickly and intensely as this one. Overall, Ashley felt that the Color Depositing Mask lived up to its claims and brought life back to her hair. However, she did caution against underestimating its staining power.

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