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Glory Reichelt - glorygene
Glory Reichelt
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Low-intensity goth. High-intensity introvert.


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Review by Glory

Wonder Matcha + Whisk Bundle (Save 10%) by Pow

This is a matcha green tea with unique ingredients like ashwagandha, cinnamon, and lion's mane mushroom, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Glory tried it by dissolving a teaspoon in hot water using the included whisker tool. She found the tool easy to hold and loved its two different speeds. The taste of the extra ingredients was noticeable but in a good way, giving it a "moon juice vibe" that she enjoyed. Glory also appreciated the product's eco-friendly aspect, as the whisker requires no batteries and comes with a charger. Overall, this Wonder Matcha + Whisk Bundle by Pow by Pow offers a next-level matcha experience with added health benefits and a sustainable approach.

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Review by Glory

Supervitamin Body Wash+ Detoxifying

The Super Vitamin Body Wash+ Detoxifying in Lemongrass color by iota is a refreshing and awakening body wash that leaves the skin feeling soft and glowing. With its light lemongrass and eucalyptus leaf scent, it provides a pleasant sensory experience, especially during hot summers. This body wash is packed with antioxidant and vitamin boosters, promoting healthy and nourished skin. It effectively cleanses and lathers easily, making it convenient to use. Glory mentioned that she noticed her skin becoming softer and more radiant compared to other body washes. She plans on repurchasing it to see long-term effects on her skin texture and quality. Overall, the Super Vitamin Body Wash+ Detoxifying in Lemongrass color by iota is a great addition to any skincare routine, offering a refreshing cleanse and potential skin benefits.

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Review by Glory

100% Bamboo Viscose Pillowcase Set

Reviewer Glory recently discovered that her satin pillowcases were falling apart, so she decided to try the 100% Bamboo Viscose Pillowcase Set in Slate Blue color by Bamboo is Better. Right out of the box, Glory noticed that the fabric felt cooler to the touch and was super smooth and shiny. She was impressed by the amazing color options that complemented her current bedding. Living in an area with brutal summer nights, Glory found these pillowcases to be airy and cooling, making her excited to use them every night. She also mentioned that they were easy to wash and care for. Overall, Glory had a positive experience with these pillowcases, highlighting their gentle feel on the skin and hair, as well as their cooling properties.

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