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Alejandra Claver - alejandraclaver95
Alejandra Claver
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Video review of Bowl by Alejandra Claver
Verified Buyer

Alejandra is excited to share her review of the Bowl in Light Grey color by Fable Pets. She received this ceramic bowl as a free gift from Flip and couldn't be happier with it. Alejandra was tired of using metallic bowls that didn't look pretty, but this bowl changed everything. Not only is it cute, but her dog was also intrigued by it. They even used it to film a reel for his page. However, Alejandra mentions that her dog grabbed it quickly, so it might not be the best option for dogs who are prone to grabbing things. Overall, the Bowl in Light Grey color by Fable Pets is a stylish and functional choice for pet owners looking to upgrade their dog's feeding experience.

Video review of Hueguard Invisible Stick SPF 50 by Alejandra Claver
Verified Buyer

Alejandra has been on the hunt for the perfect sunscreen stick, and it seems like she may have found it with the Hueguard Invisible Stick SPF 50 by Live Tinted. In her video review, she mentions that the stick is transparent and has a bouncy texture, making it easy to apply smoothly onto the skin. She even demonstrates the difference it makes by applying it to only half of her face. While she initially found it a little sticky, she was pleased to discover that it dried quickly and didn't leave a greasy residue. Overall, Alejandra seems impressed with the Hueguard Invisible Stick SPF 50, highlighting its ease of application and non-greasy finish. It appears to be a promising option for those in search of a reliable sunscreen stick.

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