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Alexandra Somm - alexandrasommfit
Alexandra Somm
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Review by Alexandra

Skin Perfecting Brush

The Skin Perfecting Brush by EcoTools is praised by reviewer Alexandra for its ability to create a flawless contour. She mentions that she had previously tried an angled contour brush from e.l.f., but was not satisfied with the blend. However, she found the Skin Perfecting Brush to be the perfect solution. Alexandra appreciates EcoTools for their affordable and high-quality brushes. She emphasizes that a seamless blended contour is worth any price. Overall, the Skin Perfecting Brush by EcoTools receives a positive assessment for its ability to create a fantastic contour and its affordability. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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Review by Alexandra

Brush & Sponge Cleansing Gel

The Brush & Sponge Cleansing Gel by Real Techniques is highly recommended by reviewer Alexandra. She emphasizes the importance of regularly washing makeup brushes to prevent acne and improve makeup application. Alexandra praises the effectiveness of this product, stating that her brushes have never been softer and her makeup applies better after using it. She highlights that the gel effectively removes gunk, bacteria, and excess makeup, resulting in clearer skin and better-looking makeup. Overall, the Brush & Sponge Cleansing Gel by Real Techniques is a convenient and effective solution for keeping makeup brushes clean and maintaining healthy skin.

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Review by Alexandra

ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly

The ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut by Tower 28 Beauty is a highly recommended lip gloss, according to Alexandra's video review. She loves the cute packaging and the fact that it is not sticky when applied like a lipstick. The gloss goes on smoothly, leaving a semi-sheer, milky rosy pink color that is super shiny. Alexandra appreciates that it is a gloss and not a lipstick, making it easy to reapply throughout the night. Overall, the product seems to have no major drawbacks and is praised for its non-sticky formula, smooth application, and beautiful color. It is a must-have for anyone looking for a glossy, long-lasting lip product.

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