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Alexus Nguyen - alexusnnguyen
Alexus Nguyen
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sharing my love through reviews 🌸 content creator based in Dallas, TX 📍 all things beauty, lifestyle, & more ◡̈


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Most popular reviews by Alexus Nguyen

Review by Alexus

Video review of EAU DE PARFUM  1923 by Alexus Nguyen

The Barneys New York Eau de Parfum 1923 is a luxurious fragrance that is worth splurging on. The packaging is sleek and beautiful, adding to the overall appeal of the product. The scent is heavenly and of high quality, leaving a lasting impression. While it may not be the most affordable option, the long-lasting nature of the perfume makes it worth the investment. Alexus gives it a perfect 10 out of 10 and would definitely repurchase. This fragrance is a great choice for treating yourself or gifting to someone special who deserves something nice.

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Review by Alexus

Video review of The LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush by Alexus Nguyen

Please ditch your regular toothbrush and upgrade to the LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush in Sea Breeze Green color by SNOW. This electric toothbrush has everything you need for cleaner and wider teeth. With LED lights and different modes for cleaning, whitening, and sensitivity, it's worth every penny. Alexus showcases her smile, proving the effectiveness of this toothbrush. Say goodbye to stinky breath and hello to a brighter smile. Go buy it now and experience the benefits of this advanced toothbrush.

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Review by Alexus

Video review of Choose Your Perfect Blanket - Standard by Alexus Nguyen

Alexus recently received her biggest order yet from Flip, and it turned out to be a weighted blanket in grey color by Blanquil. She was impressed by the size and the quality of the material, and found the packaging to be cute. When she got into bed, she described the blanket as feeling like a warm hug. The next morning, Alexus woke up feeling like she had slept like a baby, and couldn't think of any drawbacks to the blanket. She thanked Blanquil for providing her with the most perfect weighted blanket ever and recommended that everyone should get one. Overall, Alexus had a great experience with the Blanquil weighted blanket and believes that it can help improve sleep quality and reduce stress.

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