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Alineh Avanessian - alineh_a
Alineh Avanessian
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Content Creator with Shopping Addiction 🤭. Brutally Honest reviews, fabulous finds, tips and tutorials. ✨☀️


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Reviewer Alineh was highly impressed with Chantecaille's Brightening Eye Kajal. They compared it to the Charlotte Tilbury waterline pencil, which was sold out for a long time, but found that the Chantecaille one was much better. The reviewer noted that the pencil was very soft, like butter, and the color was a nude, not white. They acknowledged that the product was a bit pricey, but noted that it would last a while. Overall, the reviewer was very pleased with the product and highly recommended it.

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Alineh had the opportunity to try out the Undaria Algae Body Oil by OSEA and was incredibly impressed. They found that it was incredibly hydrating and left their skin with a beautiful, supermodel-like glow. They noted that it had a soft scent and that their skin stayed hydrated and glowing all day without needing to re-moisturize. Alineh was amazed by the product and highly recommends it to others.

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The Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer in Sepia color is highly recommended by Alineh in their video review. Alineh praises the concealer for its all-day wear, silky smooth texture, and lack of creasing. They describe it as buttery and state that it feels amazing on the skin. Alineh compares the two sides of their face, showing the noticeable difference after applying the Hourglass concealer. Overall, Alineh highly recommends adding this product to your cart, emphasizing that you won't regret it. The review highlights the concealer's long-lasting formula and its ability to provide a flawless finish. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the transcription.

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