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Alondra Shields - alondraexcene
Alondra Shields
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Pro freelance makeup artist with 12 years of experience. Here to give honest and unfiltered reviews


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Alondra reviewed the LastRound - Washable Cotton Round 7ct by LastObject in a video review. The product comes in a case made from recycled ocean plastic waste and contains seven reusable cotton rounds. Alondra found it a bit difficult to remove the rounds from the case initially, but they softened up when wet and didn't feel abrasive on her skin. After use, the rounds can be washed with soap and water, dried, and stored back in the case. Overall, the LastRound offers a sustainable alternative to disposable cotton rounds, reducing waste and providing a gentle cleansing experience. The only potential drawback mentioned was the initial difficulty in removing the rounds from the case.

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Alondra reviewed LastObject's LastRound - Washable Cotton Round 7ct in a video review. She highlighted the eco-friendly aspects of the product, including its cotton and wood fiber composition and the use of recycled materials for the packaging. Alondra mentioned that as someone who uses multiple cotton rounds daily, the LastRound offers a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable rounds. However, she expressed concern about the rough texture, as she has sensitive skin and cannot exfoliate too vigorously. Overall, the LastRound's environmental benefits make it an appealing option for those looking to reduce waste in their skincare routine, but individuals with sensitive skin may need to exercise caution.

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The Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer in the shade Oat receives a positive review from Alondra. She was initially drawn to the product due to its popularity and decided to try it out. Alondra found it challenging to pick the right shade online but was pleased with her choice of Oat. She prefers applying the concealer with a brush rather than directly on her face. Alondra notes that a small amount of product goes a long way, providing sufficient coverage for her under eyes, forehead, and chin. She appreciates the blendability and the fact that the concealer is not heavy or thick. Overall, Alondra is a fan of the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer.

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