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Amanda De La Rosa - amanda_delarosa_so
Amanda De La Rosa
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The Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA was reviewed by Amanda in a video review. The product is designed to assist in creating a seamless winged eye look. The pen features a left and right side stamp for easy application. Amanda demonstrated the stamp in the video and then proceeded to use the eyeliner. She expressed her satisfaction with the product, giving it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. Overall, the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp by KAJA appears to be a highly effective tool for achieving a flawless winged eye look, according to Amanda's positive review.

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Welcome back! Amanda is here to share her thoughts on the Renew Intensive Eye Cream by Botanical Republic - VOID. She believes she has found a holy grail product for her aging, dry, and mature skin. The eye cream has a thick consistency, which Amanda appreciates. It contains ingredients like mango seed and squalane, known for their anti-aging properties. Amanda was particularly concerned about her dark circles, and after just one use, she was blown away by the results. The before and after comparison showed a significant improvement in just five minutes. Amanda is excited to continue using the eye cream daily and expects even more impressive results. Overall, she rates the Renew Intensive Eye Cream a perfect 10 out of 10.

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The eSalon Triple Prep Protectant Spray is a game-changer for colored hair, according to Amanda's video review. In a short period of time, Amanda noticed a remarkable improvement in the health of her hair. It became shiny, bouncy, and she attributes these positive changes to the heat protectant. Additionally, Amanda raves about the amazing scent of the product. Overall, she highly recommends the Triple Prep Protectant Spray for its ability to enhance hair health and protect it from heat damage. With Amanda's positive experience, it's clear that this product is a must-have for anyone looking to maintain vibrant and healthy colored hair.

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