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Angelica Corona
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Angelica reviewed the Precisely, My Brow Pencil 0.04g - Shade3 by Benefit Cosmetics - void. She found that the pencil required a lot of pressure to get a small amount of product onto her eyebrows, which was disappointing. The amount of product in the pencil was also lacking, considering the price. However, she did like the natural results it provided and found that it matched her eyebrow color well. Overall, Angelica felt that the product was overhyped.

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Angelica tried out the Matte Lip Kit - Mary Jo K 0.11 oz by Kylie Cosmetics in her video review. Although the product is not new, she had never tried it before. She started by removing the foundation from her lips and then applied the creamy lip liner. She was impressed with its texture. Next, she applied the liquid lip, which she did not mention specifically but seemed to have a positive experience with. Overall, Angelica's review suggests that the Matte Lip Kit - Mary Jo K is a good product. It provides a creamy lip liner and a satisfactory liquid lip. However, she did not mention any potential drawbacks.

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Angelica tried out the famous Kylie lip kit for the first time and was excited to see the results. She started with the lip liner and found it to be impressive. She then topped it off with the liquid lip, which she described as beautiful. Angelica blended the product with her finger and was amazed by the final result. Overall, she was highly satisfied with the Matte Lip Kit - Kylie 0.11 oz by Kylie Cosmetics. The key benefits of the product include its long-lasting matte finish and the beautiful lip combo it creates. However, no potential drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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