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Anita Jackson
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BODY LOTION | Egyptian Geranium & Bergamot | 15.6 OZ | GLASS BOTTLE

First of all, let's talk about the packaging of the Pangea Body Lotion. Anita mentions that it is completely recyclable, which is a great eco-friendly feature. Moving on to the product itself, Anita appreciates the clean ingredients used in this lotion. She describes it as thick and creamy, and mentions that a little goes a long way. However, she does mention that she is not a fan of the smell. Overall, the Pangea Body Lotion seems to be a promising option for those looking for a lotion with clean ingredients and a rich texture. The recyclable packaging is an added bonus. The only potential drawback mentioned is the scent, which is subjective and may vary from person to person.

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Review by Anita

Smoke Stem Champagne Glasses

Anita, a reviewer, shared her positive experience with the Smoke Stem Champagne Glasses by Hotel Collection. She mentioned that she is gradually replacing all her stemware with these glasses. Starting with the coupe, Anita loves the sturdiness and quality of these glasses, assuring that they won't break even when hand washed. She was so impressed that she decided to add the champagne glasses to her collection as well. Anita plans to complete her set with red wine glasses and finally white wine glasses. Overall, Anita's review highlights the durability and practicality of these glasses, making them a great addition to any stemware collection. Cheers!

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Review by Anita

Ekos Castanha Body Lotion

Anita, a reviewer, shared her thoughts on the Ekos Castanha Body Lotion by Natura. She expressed her fondness for this product, which she received as a freebie. Anita found it to be a great value and appreciated its creamy texture and pleasant scent. She mentioned that she would consider repurchasing it at a discounted price. However, she admitted that she tends to be frugal with her lotion choices. Overall, Anita declared this lotion as her favorite among the ones she has tried on Flip. With its creamy formula and delightful fragrance, the Ekos Castanha Body Lotion by Natura seems to be a promising choice for those seeking a quality body lotion.

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