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Anne M.
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healthcare. wife. mom. beauty enthusiast 💋


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Review by Anne

I'm Prep! Balm - Brink

Anne reviewed the I'm Prep! Balm - Brink in Brink color by I'M MEME in her video review. She mentioned that she also owns the shade 003 but is currently reviewing the 005 shade, which has a beautiful terracotta finish. Anne praised the product for its easy application and natural-looking finish on the skin. She mentioned that the color suits all skin tones. Overall, Anne recommends the I'm Prep! Balm - Brink for those looking for a hassle-free and natural-looking product. However, she did not mention any potential drawbacks of the product in her review.

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Review by Anne

I'm Prep! Balm - Pause

The I'm Prep! Balm - Pause in Pause color by I'M MEME is a cream blush that Anne describes as easy to apply and creamy. In her video review, she mentions that the shade 003 is a beautiful reddish brown color that gives a natural-looking finish. Anne emphasizes that this product is perfect for those who prefer a subtle and effortless application. The balm's smooth texture allows for easy blending and provides a seamless finish on the skin. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary. Overall, the I'm Prep! Balm - Pause in Pause color by I'M MEME seems to be a promising cream blush option for achieving a natural and effortless look.

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Review by Anne

Moon Crystal Jelly Shadow

The Moon Crystal Jelly Shadow in Luminary color by KAJA is reviewed by Anne in a video. She describes the shade as a beautiful champagne color, which she swatched on her hand and found to be very pretty. Anne mentions that this product can be used as an eye pigment or as a highlighter on the high points of the face. Overall, the review highlights the versatility of the product and its ability to add a touch of sparkle to the eyes or face. However, no potential drawbacks or negative aspects of the product are mentioned in the review.

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