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Apollo The Husky - apollothehusky312
Apollo The Husky
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Im a 1 year old Siberian Husky who loves hiking, chasing squirrels, the beach and any type of adventure ⛰️🐾


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Apollo, a dog toy enthusiast, shares his thoughts on the Watermelon Dog Toy by Silver Paw. With an impressive collection of treat dispensing toys, Apollo claims to have cracked the code to all of them. However, this new addition has caught his attention. He appreciates how these toys stimulate his brain and tongue while rewarding him with tasty treats. Apollo's mom also loves the toy as it keeps him entertained while she cleans up his messes. Apollo mentions that the freeze-dried chicken treats he used were slightly smaller than the hole, making it a challenge for him to retrieve them. Despite this, he managed to finish the task in about 20 minutes. Overall, Apollo ranks the Watermelon Dog Toy among his top 5 treat dispensing toys. If you're a hungry pup looking for a fun challenge, this toy is definitely worth considering.

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Apollo recently tried out the Puzzle Feeder™ / Dog Bowl for Eating Habit Training in Lawn Green color by The Puzzle Feeder, and he was impressed with its ability to slow down his eating. He mentioned that he usually inhales his food in seconds, but this puzzle feeder made him take his time. The spinning bone feature was particularly easy for him to get kibble out of, and he found it to be a fun challenge. However, he did mention that it took him a bit longer to finish his meal compared to his regular bowl. Overall, Apollo seemed satisfied with the product and even jokingly mentioned that his tongue was getting tired. It's clear that this puzzle feeder is effective in slowing down fast eaters like Apollo, making it a great tool for training and promoting healthier eating habits.

Video review of Puzzle Feeder™ / Dog Bowl for Eating Habit Training  by Apollo The Husky
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The Puzzle Feeder™ in Lawn Green color by The Puzzle Feeder is an amazing solution for fast-eating pups. Apollo, the reviewer, highly recommends this slow feeder as it effectively slows down his puppy's eating habits. The convenience of cleaning is another standout feature, with all the pieces easily removable for quick and simple washing. This Puzzle Feeder is a must-have for pet owners looking to regulate their dog's eating speed. While no drawbacks were mentioned in the video review, it would be helpful to include any potential limitations or areas for improvement. Overall, this Puzzle Feeder is a game-changer for fast-eating pups, providing a convenient and effective solution for training healthy eating habits.

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