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Ashley Havelka - ashleyhavelka
Ashley Havelka
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I’m a motivator, survivor, music lover & makeup junkie.


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The 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 by PUR is reviewed by Ashley in a video. Ashley finds the compact to be clunky and heavy, with a lot of plastic, which she doesn't prefer. However, she likes using powder to set her under eye and finds the coverage of the 4-in-1 concealer by PUR satisfactory. The powder adds coverage and has a somewhat smooth texture, although it is not the smoothest she has felt. On the face, the powder looks alright, but it is not Ashley's favorite. Overall, the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 by PUR provides coverage and helps control oiliness in the T-zone, but the texture may not be the smoothest.

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Ashley reviewed the Glitter Lip Gloss - Blue by Unicorn Snot in a video review. She found the name of the product to be unappealing but decided to test it anyway. Ashley mentioned that the smell of the lip gloss was artificial and not pleasant. She noticed that it provided a glossy finish to her lips but was disappointed with the lack of glitter. In lower light, she could see a hint of shimmer and glitter. Overall, Ashley felt that the lip gloss did its job as a regular lip gloss but didn't stand out in terms of its glitter effect. She questioned whether she would go out of her way to purchase another color from the Unicorn Snot range.

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The Wild With Desire Lipstick in Nightfall color by RMS Beauty was reviewed by Ashley in a video. She described the shade as a deep brown oxblood color, which she found stunning. However, she mentioned that achieving a precise application was challenging due to the rounded shape of the lipstick. Ashley suggested using a lip brush for better precision. Despite this drawback, she expressed her love for the color and stated that she would continue using it. Overall, the Wild With Desire Lipstick in Nightfall offers a beautiful and rich color, but may require additional tools for a more precise application.

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