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Ashli Auguillard
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TV actress 💜 Watch me share my tips for staying camera ready 🎥💁🏾‍♀️


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Ashli tried Pur's 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup in the shade Chestnut. She was initially excited about the product's multiple steps in one. However, she was disappointed to find that there was no sponge or dabber included. She had to use her own sponge to apply the makeup. At first, it seemed to match her skin tone, but after applying it to her entire face, she realized it made her look ashy and ghost-like. Ashli liked the application process but found that the color was not suitable for her. Overall, the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup by PUR may be convenient for those who prefer multi-step products, but it may not be the right shade for everyone.

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The Prime + Shine Lip Crayon in English rose color by Trestique is reviewed by Ashli in a video review. The lip crayon comes with two sides, one for primer and the other for the actual lip color. Ashli mentions that the lip crayon glides on smoothly and is creamy. She also adds that the color is buildable, allowing for a deeper plum shade. Overall, Ashli is impressed with the product, stating that it looks good on her lips. However, she does not mention any potential drawbacks.

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The Outlast All-Day Lip Color with Top Coat in the Muted Berry color by Covergirl was reviewed by Ashli in a video review. Ashli, a dark-skinned woman, expressed excitement about trying the deep plum shade as it usually looks great on her lips. She found the application to be smooth and didn't require any additional products. With just one coat, Ashli was pleased with the color and described herself as "cute." The top coat provided a shimmery finish, which Ashli loved. Overall, the product received positive feedback for its smooth application, vibrant color, and shimmery finish. No drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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