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Avalene Roberts - avalene.r
Avalene Roberts
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🌟Dental Hygienist sharing fun teeth tips🌟


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Review by Avalene Roberts

Toothpaste Tablets 60-Piece - 2.12oz

Overall, Avalene found the Fresk toothpaste tablets to be a convenient and effective alternative to traditional toothpaste. The absence of BPA and fluoride is a major plus for those seeking a more natural oral care option. The minty flavor adds a pleasant touch to the brushing experience.

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Review by Avalene Roberts

The Whitening Collection 6pcs

The Whitening Collection 6pcs by LINHART is a highly effective teeth whitening system, as discussed by Avalene in their video review. Avalene highlights the simplicity of the process, where you brush your teeth with toothpaste and gel before applying the carmine peroxide. The activation light is then turned on for a 16-minute session, allowing for two to four cycles. This system offers convenience and efficiency, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual results may vary. Overall, the LINHART Whitening Collection 6pcs is a reliable and user-friendly option for achieving a brighter smile.

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Review by Avalene Roberts

Vegan Coconut Tooth Floss

For the next step, Avalene introduces the Vegan Coconut Tooth Floss by Keeko. In her video review, she expresses her love for flossing and praises this particular product for its ease of use. She finds that it effectively reaches between her teeth, ensuring a thorough clean. One notable feature is its coconut wax coating, which prevents ripping. Overall, Avalene's experience with the Vegan Coconut Tooth Floss is positive, highlighting its ability to remove debris and its user-friendly design. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary. Nonetheless, this floss seems to be a reliable option for those seeking an effective and convenient dental hygiene solution.

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