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Hailey Jensen - baybayhay
Hailey Jensen
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Video review of Lustre Lip Oil by Hailey Jensen
Verified Buyer

Hailey recently tried out the LUSTRE LIP OIL in the shade One to Watch by Iconic London, and she had some great things to say about it. She was particularly impressed with the color, describing it as "so pretty" and loving how it looked on her lips. The lip oil also felt smooth and non-sticky, which was a big plus for her. Hailey also mentioned that it had a pleasant scent, although she couldn't quite pinpoint what it was. She appreciated that the color gave her lips a touch of redness without being too bright. Overall, Hailey was really into this lip oil and mentioned that she would be wearing it throughout the fall and winter seasons.

Video review of Hot Mess Ice Roller by Hailey Jensen
Verified Buyer

Hailey is absolutely obsessed with the Hot Mess Ice Roller by The Skinny Confidential. She loves the cute pink box it comes in, but what really impresses her is its effectiveness. Hailey prefers to use it in the morning to help with de-puffing and reducing dark circles under her eyes. The roller stays cold for hours, providing a refreshing and awakening sensation. She also appreciates the size and quality of the product, noting that it feels heavy-duty and well-made. The detachable part makes it easy to clean or store in the freezer. Overall, Hailey highly recommends the Hot Mess Ice Roller for its impressive performance and quality.

Video review of Slip Tint SPF 35 Tinted Moisturizer by Hailey Jensen
Verified Buyer

Hailey recently tried out the Saie Slip Tint SPF 35 Tinted Moisturizer in the shade 3.5 and shared her initial thoughts in a video review. She mentioned that the tinted moisturizer felt hydrating and dewy on her dry skin, providing a natural look while covering up red spots. Hailey also noted that the product blended nicely and left her skin looking glowy. Overall, she expressed her satisfaction with the Slip Tint, making it clear that she was definitely into it. With its hydrating formula, natural coverage, and dewy finish, this tinted moisturizer seems to be a great option for those looking for a lightweight and radiant complexion.

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