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Izzy Lee
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Review by Izzy

Sculpting Brush

The Sculpting Brush by Real Techniques is highly recommended by Izzy in their video review. Izzy was impressed by the brush's durability and its ability to not soak up too much product. They demonstrated how easily the brush blends in bronzer without taking away any foundation. The brush's soft bristles allow for a gentle application without the need for excessive pressure. Izzy concludes that the brush is worth trying and highly effective. Overall, the Sculpting Brush by Real Techniques is a reliable and efficient tool for applying makeup, providing a seamless and natural finish.

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Review by Izzy

Big Night Out Bundle by Blueshift Nutrition

The Big Night Out Bundle by Blueshift Nutrition offers a convenient and effective way to enhance your night out experience. These supplement pods, similar to IV packets, are designed to be mixed with water. With three bags containing 14 pods each, this bundle covers all your needs - pregame, electrolytes, and sleep. Izzy, the reviewer, found them to be a great addition to her routine, especially the sleep pod, which helped her with occasional sleep troubles. The taste, resembling Gatorade, was also a plus. Overall, the Big Night Out Bundle provides a variety of flavors and targeted benefits, making it a valuable companion for those looking to optimize their nights out.

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Review by Izzy

Energy+Focus Mints  Peppermint6pk72pc

These Neuro Void Energy+Focus Mints are a game-changer, according to Izzy's video review. With a minimal ingredient list, these mints provide a safe and refreshing boost of energy. Izzy swears by them for studying and staying awake during long nights of homework. The mints have a pleasant flavor and instantly make Izzy feel more alert. Even in class, when feeling drowsy, these mints turn Izzy's mood around. While they may be a bit pricier than regular mints, Izzy suggests trying them as a free gift. Overall, these Neuro Void Energy+Focus Mints are a must-try for anyone in need of a natural and effective energy boost.

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