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Brettany Lawton - brettanyrae
Brettany Lawton
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just figuring out what products are worth our money & I might make you laugh in the meantime 🤍 instagram is linked 🔗✨


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This is a valid transcription of a video review for the product Bronzing Sunscreen Coconut Glow SPF 30 by Pacifica. The reviewer, Brettany, praises this sunscreen as the best ever. She mentions that it gives a nice color and recommends blending it in. Despite her necklace causing some issues, she highlights that this sunscreen is water-resistant and provides a beautiful glow all day. It also enhances your tan and leaves a sparkly finish. The fragrance of coconuts adds to the overall appeal. Brettany rates this product a perfect 10 out of 10 and highly recommends purchasing it. Overall, this sunscreen seems to be a great option for those looking for a bronzing effect and long-lasting protection.

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The Glycolic Cleanser by Serious Skincare has received high praise from Brettany in their video review. According to Brettany, this cleanser is truly amazing and has made a noticeable difference in their skin. They have been using it both morning and night, and their skin now appears more radiant and glowing. The cleanser effectively removes dead skin cells, and the longer it is left on the face, the more cleansing it provides. Brettany even went as far as canceling their subscription to another skincare product after discovering the incredible results of this cleanser. Overall, Brettany highly recommends the Glycolic Cleanser by Serious Skincare for its impressive performance in improving the skin's appearance and texture.

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Brettany, in her video review, shares her experience with the Dream Moon Spray Perfume by Pacifica. She mentions that this perfume is her final step before heading to work and she applies a generous amount of it. According to Brettany, the scent of this perfume is truly captivating, as she receives compliments from her colleagues, with one even mentioning that she smells like heaven. She compares it to her previous go-to perfume, Versace, and states that the Dream Moon Spray Perfume lasts even longer. Overall, Brettany rates this perfume a perfect 10 out of 10 and highly recommends it to anyone who wants to smell heavenly all day long.

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