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Bria Conner - briawilliamsconner
Bria Conner
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I’m a boy mom who loves all things beauty and skincare related. Here to try new things and save some $$$ along the way.


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Review by Bria

LastRound - Washable Cotton Round 7ct

The LastRound - Washable Cotton Round 7ct by LastObject is a sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds, according to Bria's video review. She highly recommends these rounds, giving them a perfect 10 out of 10 rating. Bria mentions that the rounds are soft, strong, and durable, with no risk of tearing. The product comes with both wet and dry rounds, and the dry ones can be easily moistened with water before use. Bria demonstrates how to wash them in a mesh bag and mentions that they can be composted when they are no longer usable. Overall, the LastRound offers a convenient and eco-friendly solution for makeup removal and skincare routines.

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Review by Bria

Lid Tint Satin Eyeshadow

The Lid Tint Satin Eyeshadow in Dew color by Jillian Dempsey was reviewed by Bria in a video review. Bria mentioned that the eyeshadow is a clear coat finish with no pigment, providing a shimmer effect. However, Bria found the product to be a little sticky on the eyelids, which made it uncomfortable to wear. She suggested that it could be used as a topper over matte eyeshadows for a glossy look. As someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, Bria concluded that the product was a miss for her. It is unclear if she was using it correctly. Overall, the Lid Tint Satin Eyeshadow in Dew color may be beneficial for those looking to add a glossy finish to their matte eyeshadows, but it may not be suitable for those who prefer a non-sticky formula.

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Review by Bria

make me brow eyebr. gel mascara 04

Bria reviewed the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in the shade 04 Ashy Brows. She mentioned that she didn't see the fibers that were supposed to be in the product, but she did notice the pigment. However, even if she had the correct shade, she didn't think it would work for her. Bria preferred using a brow pencil for pigment and felt more comfortable with that method. She was disappointed that the gel mascara didn't make her brows look fuller as she had hoped. Overall, Bria decided to return the product and stick to her usual method of filling in her brows.

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