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Maria Martinez - buenamoche
Maria Martinez
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Latina - obsessed with skincare, natural living & beauty. Instagram + Tik Tok : buenamoche 🌿☀️


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Vegan Leather Cosmetic & Pencil Case

The Vegan Leather Cosmetic & Pencil Case in Pink color by Boon Supply is a versatile pouch that can be used for various purposes, such as storing makeup brushes or pencils. Maria found it to be a great solution for keeping her brushes organized and protected while traveling. The pouch was able to fit all her brushes comfortably, with room for more. The vegan leather material adds a touch of luxury and the pink color adds a stylish element. Overall, the product seems to be well-designed and functional, providing a convenient storage solution for cosmetics or stationery items. However, it would be helpful to have a clear indication of its intended use in the product description.

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Review by Maria

Illuminating Blush - Rose Glow

Maria received the Illuminating Blush - Rose Glow by found in her Flip box and was highly impressed with the product. She mentioned that she had been using her previous blush for a few years, which is not ideal as makeup expires. However, upon trying the found blush, she was amazed by the results. Initially, she was worried about the intense redness on her cheeks, but after blending it out, she fell in love with the product. Maria's face looked radiant and she expressed her adoration for the blush. Overall, the Illuminating Blush - Rose Glow by found seems to be a highly effective and desirable product, providing a beautiful glow to the cheeks.

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Review by Maria

Universal Face Powder

Maria reviews the Universal Face Powder by found active in her video. She mentions that the product claims to work for all skin tones and is 98% natural, containing lemon peel oil. The packaging is simple and basic. Maria highlights that the product comes with instructions on how to use it. Overall, she seems satisfied with the product and its claims. However, she does not provide any specific benefits or drawbacks of the Universal Face Powder.

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