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Kimberly scott
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live laugh and am as happy as happy can be. I have became addicted to FLIP & All The WONDERFUL LADIES I CONTINUE TO MEET


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The Glitter Gel - Silver by Unicorn Snot is highly praised by Kimberly in her video review. She mentions that the bottle is generously sized and the gel wears well without caking up. Kimberly acknowledges that individual experiences may vary depending on skin type. She highlights the stunning appearance of the gel in the light and mentions that it is a more affordable alternative to the brand's space paste. Kimberly expresses her preference for the glitter gel, stating that she would choose it over the space paste any day. Overall, the product seems to be a great option for those on a budget, offering a beautiful and long-lasting glitter effect.

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The Velvet Halfmoon Cosmetic Bag by Caroline Gardner, as reviewed by Kimberly, is a visually appealing makeup bag made of luxurious velvet material. The bag features a charming tassel on the zipper, adding a touch of elegance. Kimberly mentions that she gave the bag to her mother, who loves it. She describes it as a nice little makeup bag with ample room for storage. Overall, Kimberly gives it a positive review, stating that it is definitely worth checking out. However, no specific drawbacks or limitations are mentioned in the review.

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The Glitter Gel - Silver by Unicorn Snot is a highly recommended cosmetic product, according to Kimberly's video review. She praises the gel's affordability and its stunning silver color. Kimberly appreciates the ease of application, mentioning that she only needs a light look on her eyes. The packaging is also mentioned as being attractive. Overall, Kimberly is pleased with the product and encourages others to try it. However, it is important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or specific benefits of the glitter gel. Nonetheless, based on Kimberly's positive experience, the Glitter Gel - Silver by Unicorn Snot seems to be a worthwhile purchase for those looking to add some sparkle to their face and body.

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