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Cay Clothes - caycayclothes
Cay Clothes
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Review by Cay

Multi-mood - Lip Trio

Cay reviewed the Multi-mood - Lip Trio by Alleyoop in their video review for Flip. They mentioned that the packaging is cute and the matte shade looks natural and perfect. The gloss shade could have had a glossier effect, but still looks good. The cream shade is hydrating and overall, Cay highly recommends this product. The key points from the review highlight the variety of shades, the natural look of the matte shade, and the hydrating properties of the cream shade. The potential drawback mentioned is the lack of a glossier effect in the gloss shade. Overall, the Multi-mood - Lip Trio by Alleyoop seems to be a great product with its range of shades and hydrating formula.

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Review by Cay

The Blighlighter - The OG Three -3PCS

The Blighlighter - The OG Three -3PCS by Jamie Makeup is reviewed by Cay in their video review. Cay mentions the product's ability to create a daydream look with a red lip and a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The Blighlighter is praised for its long-lasting effect and its ability to bring back the desired look even after crashing down. The reviewer also highlights the product's versatility, with options for different hair and clothing styles. However, no drawbacks or negative aspects of the product are mentioned in the transcription. Overall, The Blighlighter - The OG Three -3PCS by Jamie Makeup seems to be a highly recommended cosmetic product for achieving a stylish and timeless look.

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Review by Cay

Skin Gloss - Sunset Glow

Flip's Skin Gloss in Sunset Glow color by Dominique Cosmetics is praised by reviewer Cay for its ability to create a radiant and divine look. Cay repeatedly expresses their delight, singing "So this is love" and "So this is what makes life divine." The product leaves Cay "all aglow" and they now understand the key to heavenly beauty is "one love." While the review does not provide specific details about the product's application or performance, it conveys a positive impression of the Skin Gloss. Overall, it appears to be a beneficial cosmetic product that enhances the user's appearance with a stunning sunset glow.

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