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Honest reviews because wasting your money isn’t it 🫶🏼 follow me for more 🫶🏼


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The Thai Peanut Sauce by Pretty Thai is a versatile dipping and dressing sauce that chahinez highly recommends. With a tangy tamarind base and a peanut chili kick, this sauce adds a burst of flavor to dishes like lettuce cups and Asian salads. Made with simple ingredients and no preservatives, it offers a wholesome option for those seeking a delicious and healthy condiment. While the transcription does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual taste preferences may vary. Overall, chahinez's video review highlights the Thai Peanut Sauce as a must-try product for anyone looking to elevate their meals with a touch of Thai-inspired goodness.

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Based on chahinez's review, Japanese Matcha + Turmeric + Yuzu by Ito En seems to be a beneficial product for those looking to improve digestion and reduce bloating. The inclusion of real turmeric adds an extra health benefit. The versatility of being able to enjoy it as a hot or cold tea is also a plus. Overall, this product appears to be worth trying for anyone interested in matcha and its potential health benefits.

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Good olive oil is a must at chahinez's house, so when Flip had the Graza olive oil, chahinez had to get it. Despite never trying it before, chahinez had seen it online and heard amazing things about it. There was some skepticism about whether it would live up to the hype, but after using it as a drizzle on avocado toast, chahinez was pleasantly surprised. The Graza olive oil proved to be worth every penny. It delivered on its promise of quality and added a delicious touch to the meal. Overall, chahinez highly recommends the Graza olive oil for its exceptional taste and versatility.

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