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Claudia Mendozs - cmendoza
Claudia Mendozs
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Im a michigan soul who loves everything beauty ..


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Review by Claudia

Wild With Desire Lipstick - Magic Hour

Flip presents the Wild With Desire Lipstick - Magic Hour in Magic hour color by RMS Beauty, as reviewed by Claudia. Claudia describes the lipstick as having a creamy light satin finish, perfect for everyday wear. She also mentions that the shade is a lovely nude, which she loves. Claudia appreciates the versatility of the product, as it can be paired with a nude eye look. Overall, Claudia seems to be impressed with the lipstick, highlighting its suitability for daily use. However, no potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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Review by Claudia

Un Cover Up Concealer - 22

The Un Cover Up Concealer - 22 in N22 color by RMS Beauty is highly recommended by Claudia in her video review. She praises its creamy texture and full coverage, noting that it is not greasy. Claudia specifically mentions using it as an eyeshadow base and states that it works amazingly well. Overall, she considers it a must-have product. The concealer's key benefits include its creamy consistency, full coverage, and effectiveness as an eyeshadow base. However, the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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Review by Claudia

Long Wear Crème Liquid Lip

The Long Wear Crème Liquid Lip in Cabernet color by Jouer received a mixed review from Claudia. She found the formula to be over drying and thick, causing it to crack when her lips moved. As someone with dry lips, she did not find the lipstick comfortable to wear. However, Claudia acknowledged that those who do not have dry lips may still enjoy using it. Overall, Claudia did not love the product due to its drying formula, but she emphasized that her opinion is subjective.

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