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Alex Karpovek - alexkwillslay
Alex Karpovek
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food, fashion and wellness


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Video review of Black Porcelain Slate Look Rectangular Serving Dish With Crocodile Skin Texture by Alex Karpovek
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Video review of  by Alex Karpovek
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Upon receiving the Stroopclub Chai-Spiced Stroopwafels by one stripe chai, Alex expressed initial concerns about potential damage during delivery. However, the product arrived in excellent condition, thanks to the thoughtful double packaging. Alex was impressed by the wafels' appearance, describing them as gorgeous. The balance of flavors was another standout feature, with the chai and caramel complementing each other perfectly. Alex suggested enjoying these wafels alongside a hot cup of chai. The reviewer emphasized that the wafels were not overly sweet, which added to their appeal. Additionally, Alex mentioned that these stroopwafels are plant-based, making them a delicious and guilt-free treat. Overall, Alex recommended giving these wafels a try, as they were both delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

Video review of Classic Canteen  by Alex Karpovek
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The Classic Canteen in Gloss White color by Corkcicle is a surprisingly lightweight option, as mentioned by Alex in their video review. Alex appreciates the size of the opening, which prevents accidental spills. This feature sets it apart from other canteens that have overly large openings. The reviewer acknowledges that they have experienced drink spills in the past, making this design choice a standout feature. Overall, Alex expresses a positive sentiment towards the product, stating that they like it. With its lightweight construction and thoughtful design, the Classic Canteen in Gloss White color by Corkcicle offers a convenient and spill-free drinking experience.

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