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Carissa Warr - dcrkn99vd5
Carissa Warr
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I literally only give honest reviews because I expect everyone else to be honest too!!💗


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Video review of bye panda eyes! smudge proof mascara by Carissa Warr
Verified Buyer

The bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence is a long-lasting and smudge-proof mascara, according to Carissa's video review. Carissa demonstrates the mascara's effectiveness by curling her lashes before and after applying the product. She praises the brush, describing it as thick and easy to use. Carissa applies two coats of the mascara, noting that it provides both volume and definition to her lashes. She later checks in after six hours and confirms that the mascara has not smudged. Overall, Carissa highly recommends the bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence, emphasizing its volumizing and defining properties.

Video review of Mini Hair Removal Tool by Carissa Warr
Verified Buyer

The Mini Facial Hair Removal by ZOE AYLA - VOID is a convenient and effective tool for removing unwanted facial hair. Carissa, the reviewer, highlights several key points in her video review. She mentions that the product comes with a cute little brush for easy cleaning and requires a battery for operation. Carissa demonstrates the product's effectiveness by showing how it removes hair from her face, leaving it feeling super smooth. She emphasizes that the device is easy to clean, as you can simply brush out the removed hair. Carissa gives the product a glowing five out of five-star review, stating that it really works. Overall, the Mini Facial Hair Removal by ZOE AYLA - VOID is a reliable and efficient solution for facial hair removal, providing smooth results with minimal effort.

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