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Camryn Dodd - doddcamryn
Camryn Dodd
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Video review of Mindful Affirmations - Original by Camryn Dodd
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Camryn recently shared their thoughts on the Mindful Affirmations - Original by Intelligent Change. They were drawn to these affirmation cards after seeing them all over social media. Recognizing the need for positivity in their daily life, Camryn was excited to try them out. The product comes in a cute box with a card stand, allowing users to proudly display their affirmations. Camryn found the weekly affirmations to be impactful, with the first one they pulled being particularly fitting. They placed it on a table behind their couch, and it added a touch of beauty to the space. Overall, Camryn's experience with the Mindful Affirmations was positive, and they found it to be a great addition to their daily routine.

Video review of Monstera 'Split-Leaf' by Camryn Dodd
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The Monstera 'Split-Leaf' in Terra Cotta color byHouse Plant Shop is a beautiful addition to any plant collection. Camryn, the reviewer, was pleasantly surprised by the plant's maturity upon arrival. The packaging provided excellent protection, ensuring the plant's safe delivery. Camryn mentioned the need to keep the bag on the plant due to the open bottom of the clay pot, highlighting a potential drawback. However, this can easily be resolved by acquiring a clay tray. Overall, Camryn expressed excitement and referred to themselves as a Monstera mommy, indicating their satisfaction with the product. The Monstera 'Split-Leaf' in Terra Cotta color is a stunning plant that would enhance any indoor space.

Video review of  by undefined
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The Ultrasonic Cleaner in Pearl White color by Ultrasonic Cleaner is a handy ultrasonic cleaner that Camryn purchased to clean her old retainers. She finds it to be a cute little gadget that looks great on her countertop. Camryn shares that she puts her dental solution and retainers in the Ultrasonic Cleaner, letting them sit all day while running the cleaner a few times. Although she mentions that the years of staining on her retainers may be difficult to remove completely, she believes that the Ultrasonic Cleaner is making a difference in cleaning out bacteria. Camryn recommends the product for jewelry and other uses, highlighting its ability to eliminate bacteria. Overall, the Ultrasonic Cleaner in Pearl White color by Ultrasonic Cleaner is an amazing little gadget that effectively cleans and disinfects, making it a worthwhile investment for various purposes.

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