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Dr Nina Nattiv - dr.ninanattiv
Dr Nina Nattiv
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Dentist since 2007. Owner of Polished Dental.


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Dr Nina
Dr Nina
Verified Buyer

The ILIA - VOID Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Night is praised by Dr in their video review. They describe it as a high-quality product with a nice feel and good packaging. The lip balm offers a subtle color that is still noticeable and provides excellent moisturization. Dr appreciates its simplicity and mentions that it is suitable for everyday wear, especially when running errands without masks. Overall, the Tinted Lip Conditioner receives positive feedback for its subtle yet effective performance. However, no Drawbacks or negative aspects are mentioned in the review.

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Dr Nina
Dr Nina
Verified Buyer

Dr. Nativ reviewed the Multistick - Berry Bomb 0.17oz by Glam & Grace. They mentioned that while the color may not be suitable for their pigmented lips, it works well as a highlighter. The shade has a subtle shimmer that gives a nice glow without being too obvious. Overall, Dr. Nativ liked the product and found it to be a versatile option for lips, cheeks, and eyes. However, it's important to note that the frosty finish may not be everyone's preference. The Multistick - Berry Bomb offers a convenient way to add a touch of shimmer and can be a great addition to one's makeup routine.

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Dr Nina
Dr Nina
Verified Buyer

Dr. Native, a dentist, reviewed the Glam & Grace Mega Color Lip Balm in Muted Red. Being a professional in the dental field, Dr. Native prefers red lipsticks with a bluish tint as they create the illusion of whiter teeth. However, heavy lipsticks are not always desirable, so tinted lip balms are a great alternative. Dr. Native found this lip balm to be highly hyDrating, providing smooth application and the perfect color. Overall, the Glam & Grace Mega Color Lip Balm in Muted Red is a great option for those seeking a hyDrating and subtly tinted lip product that enhances the appearance of teeth.

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