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Review by DWOOD

Sublime Perfection Setting Powder

The reviewer, DWOOD, introduces the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Setting Powder in the shade Medium 3. They highlight the practicality of the powder's packaging, which includes a net to prevent any spills or mess. DWOOD proceeds to apply the powder with a brush, emphasizing the flawless finish it provides. They mention that the powder gives the skin an airbrushed effect, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth finish. Overall, DWOOD recommends trying out this powder for its ability to deliver a flawless and smooth complexion. The review provides a positive assessment of the product, highlighting its benefits without mentioning any potential drawbacks.

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Review by DWOOD


DWOOD followed the instructions and left the shampoo in their hair for the recommended three to five minutes. After rinsing it out, they were pleased to find that their hair didn't feel dry or brittle. They were able to achieve their desired silvery blonde style, which they described as a classic look.

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Review by DWOOD

Velvet Mousse Lipstick

The reviewer, DWOOD, tried the Dose of Colors Velvet Mousse Lipstick in the shade Beachy. They found the texture to be drier than expected, almost like a dried up Crayola. Despite the pleasant scent and pretty color, DWOOD was disappointed with the product. The lipstick was crumbly and emphasized the texture on their lips, making them look like a map. They expressed uncertainty about wearing it matte and felt it was unacceptable to go out in public with their lips looking like that. Overall, DWOOD did not like the texture and found it to be a drawback of the product. However, they did mention that the color blended out nicely.

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