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Ellyce Augustine - ellycemarie
Ellyce Augustine
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The savagely honest shopping bestie Licensed hairstylist of 13+years IG - @rapunzelreviews


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In Ellyce's review of the KITSCH Satin Pillow Rollers 6pc Set, they found the product to be quick and easy to use. Following the directions on the box, they used the rollers on dry hair and it only took 10 minutes to get them in. The next morning, they were pleased to find that the curls had held up nicely, with one exception. After taking the rollers out, they were left with beautiful waves. They were disappointed that one of the curls had fallen out, but overall they were pleased with the results.

Video review of The Satin Pillow Rollers 6pc Set by Ellyce Augustine
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The reviewer Ellyce tested the Satin Pillow Rollers 6pc Set by KITSCH on her friend Josephine's hair, which is a bit longer than shoulder length. She wet down Josephine's hair and let it sit overnight, just like she did with her own hair. The results were impressive, as the rollers created beautiful curls without the use of heat. The reviewer found that the rollers worked just as well on shorter hair as they did on her own longer hair. She was pleased with the results and highly recommends the product.

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Live Tinted's Huestick has been praised by Ellyce for its unique and beautiful qualities. Ellyce has stated that Huestick is "nothing like [they've] ever seen" and is a "thing of beauty". Ellyce has expressed their admiration for the product, noting its unique qualities and its ability to make them feel beautiful. Ellyce has also praised the product for its affordability and ease of use, making it a great choice for anyone looking to add a little color to their makeup routine. Overall, Ellyce has expressed their satisfaction with Huestick and recommends it to anyone looking for a unique and affordable way to add a little color to their makeup routine.

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