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Jennifer Richardson - FlexxCee
Jennifer Richardson
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Review by Jennifer Richardson

ShineOn Lip Jelly

Jennifer tried Tower 28 Beauty's ShineOn Lip Jelly in the Sheer berry color called Fearless. In her video review, she described the lip jelly as smooth and jelly-like with a great consistency. She applied it to her lips and found it cute. Jennifer highly recommended the product, giving it two thumbs up. Overall, Tower 28 Beauty's ShineOn Lip Jelly in Sheer berry color seems to be a high-quality product that provides a smooth and jelly-like texture. It is easy to apply and gives a cute look to the lips. However, without further information, it is difficult to assess any potential drawbacks of the product.

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Review by Jennifer Richardson

CBD Sleep Bath Soak - 300mg CBD

The reviewer, Jennifer, shares her positive experience with the CBD Sleep Bath Soak by Not Pot. She expresses her love for CBD and taking baths, making this product a perfect combination for her. Jennifer mentions that after soaking for about 30 minutes, she immediately fell asleep and felt incredibly relaxed and comfortable. She describes the scent as refreshing, comparing it to being in a garden. Overall, Jennifer rates the CBD Sleep Bath Soak a perfect 10 out of 10, praising its effectiveness in promoting relaxation and aiding sleep. This review highlights the product's benefits in providing a soothing and calming experience, without mentioning any potential drawbacks.

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