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Flavia Chiquita - Fluffsvi
Flavia Chiquita
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Beauty content creator ✨ all things makeup skincare and cosplaying! @fluffsvi on ig and tiktok


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Review by Flavia

KISS GLUEliner Matte Finish

The KISS GLUEliner Matte Finish by KISS Beauty is a game changer for lash lovers who despise the mess and hassle of traditional glue application. Flavia, the reviewer, raves about this innovative product that combines eyeliner and glue in one. With a simple application like regular eyeliner, you can effortlessly attach your lashes and achieve a flawless look. No more sticky glue all over your face or in your eyes. Flavia emphasizes the convenience and effectiveness of the KISS GLUEliner, making it a must-have for anyone seeking a hassle-free lash experience. This product truly lives up to its promise, providing a seamless and mess-free application. Say goodbye to the frustrations of traditional lash glue and hello to the ease and convenience of the KISS GLUEliner Matte Finish by KISS Beauty.

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Review by Flavia

KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes

Flavia provides a detailed review of the KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes by KISS Beauty in her video. She mentions that she is currently wearing the MLBB line, specifically the style "no filter." According to Flavia, these lashes look incredibly natural and feel lightweight. The design of the lashes, with longer and denser outer corners and shorter inner corners, creates a subtle cat-eye effect. Flavia, who has a hooded eye and a monolid, expresses that not all lashes work well for her, but the MLBB line has become her favorite. She describes the lashes as perfect for an everyday look, giving the appearance of a lash lift. Overall, Flavia's review highlights the KISS My Lash But Better False Eyelashes as a great option for those seeking a natural and effortless enhancement to their lashes.

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