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Mya Roberts - futurenursemyaa
Mya Roberts
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Video review of Rectangle-Frame Acetate Sunglasses by Mya Roberts
Verified Buyer

Mya recently shared her thoughts on the Rectangle-Frame Acetate Sunglasses by Balenciaga Eyewear in a video review. She was so torn between two pairs that she ended up getting both. These sunglasses come in a sleek black leather case and have a navy color. The Balenciaga branding is visible on the sides, adding a touch of elegance. Mya mentioned that these sunglasses are perfect for everyday use and can effortlessly complement any outfit. The quality of the sunglasses is impressive, and they even come with an authentication card and a Balenciaga cloth. Mya highly recommends these sunglasses for the summer season.

Video review of C004G B.Tiff Thin Herringbone 18K Gold Plated Chain Necklace by Mya Roberts
Verified Buyer

In summary, Mya's video review highlights the following key points: the necklace's stunning appearance, its high-quality construction, and its versatility as a timeless accessory. She recommends adding this gold necklace to your collection, emphasizing its ability to elevate any outfit.

Video review of Oversized Round Acetate Sunglasses by Mya Roberts
Verified Buyer

Overall, Mya's review of the Oversized Round Acetate Sunglasses by Balenciaga Eyewear was positive. She emphasized their cute and stylish appearance, making them a great choice for anyone in need of a nice pair of sunglasses. The additional accessories, such as the leather case and authentication card, added value to the product. However, it would have been helpful to hear more about the sunglasses' functionality, such as their UV protection or durability.

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