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Maddie Sue Griffin - maddie_sue22
Maddie Sue Griffin
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As a designer myself, I take pride in knowing what makes a high-quality product! 🙌


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Maddie Sue
Maddie Sue
Verified Buyer

The Wood Handle Lint Roller + 3 Refills by Wurkin Stiffs is a stylish and effective solution for tackling lint and pet hair. Maddie, a designer herself, appreciates the elevated design of this everyday item. In her video review, she demonstrates its performance by using it on her big fluffy dog and black pants. She finds that it works just as well as more expensive options available at the grocery store. One sheet of the lint roller is enough to remove hair from her entire front side. However, Maddie does mention that she wishes the rolls were a bit thicker. It may take a moment to find the edge of the roll, but once you do, it's easy to use. Despite this minor drawback, Maddie approves of the Wood Handle Lint Roller + 3 Refills, emphasizing its cuteness and effectiveness.

Video review of Dutch Baby by Maddie Sue Griffin
Maddie Sue
Maddie Sue
Verified Buyer

Maddie, a reviewer, recently shared her thoughts on the Dutch Baby in Mustard color by Great Jones. With soup season approaching, she decided to invest in a Dutch oven and chose this particular one based on its great reviews. The metal accents and beautiful colorways caught her eye, and she was pleased with the overall durability of the product. However, Maddie did mention that the packaging lacked care and use instructions, which she felt was a drawback. Despite this, she expressed her happiness with her purchase. The Dutch Baby in Mustard color by Great Jones seems to be a reliable and visually appealing option for those in need of a durable Dutch oven for their cooking needs.

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Maddie Sue
Maddie Sue
Verified Buyer

Maddie, a non-morning person who craves caffeine when her dog wakes her up at 7am, tried the Oat Milk Vanilla Latte - Nitro Cold Brew - 12 Pack by RISE Brewing Co. She wanted a convenient and tasty option for her walks, so she opted for these nitro cold brew coffees. Maddie mentioned that she doesn't care about the calories, but rather wants a drink that tastes good and provides energy. Upon trying it, she found it to be really good, not too sweet, and with just 10 grams of sugar. Maddie approved of the drink and is looking forward to enjoying it during her dog walks. Overall, the Oat Milk Vanilla Latte - Nitro Cold Brew - 12 Pack by RISE Brewing Co. seems to be a satisfying and convenient choice for those in need of a quick caffeine boost on the go.

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