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Review by chelsea

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The Kaja Don't Settle Concealer in Waffles color is highly praised by reviewer chelsea in their video review. chelsea highlights the concealer's liquidy consistency, which allows for a seamless application. They compare it to the Hourglass concealer but note that the Kaja option is more affordable. This suggests that the product offers a similar quality at a lower price point. Overall, the review indicates that the Don't Settle Concealer by Kaja is a worthwhile purchase due to its easy application and cost-effectiveness. However, without further information, it is difficult to assess any potential drawbacks of the product.

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Review by chelsea

Video review of Silk'e Repair Therapy Deep Conditioning Mask by chelsea rose

chelsea mentioned that the smell of the mask wasn't her favorite initially. However, as it settled into her hair and dried, she found the scent to be quite pleasant. This indicates that the fragrance may not be overpowering and could potentially be enjoyed by others as well.

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Review by chelsea

Video review of Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette by chelsea rose

chelsea recently discovered the Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette by Beauty Bakerie and was instantly captivated by its adorable packaging. This palette offers a unique combination of highlighter blushes, which chelsea found intriguing. Upon swatching the shades, she noticed that they appeared lighter on the skin than they did in the palette. However, this didn't diminish her enthusiasm as she loved the final result when she applied the blushes. Overall, chelsea's review highlights the cute packaging, the interesting concept of highlighter blushes, and the beautiful finish achieved with the Cotton Candy Champagne Blush Palette by Beauty Bakerie.

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