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Gail  Miranda - glam015
Gail Miranda
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I’m passionate about trying different skin care and make up products that suits me the most


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Video review of Born This Way Matte 24 Hour Foundation by Gail  Miranda
Gail  Miranda
Gail Miranda
Verified Buyer

The Born This Way Matte 24 Hour Foundation in Seashell color by Too Faced is reviewed by Gail in their video review. Gail mentions that the foundation is oil-free, oil-controlling, waterproof, and transfer-resistant. They note that during application, the foundation felt sticky and required extra blending to absorb into the skin. Gail states that after initial use, the foundation seems okay, but they plan to do a 24-hour test for a more accurate assessment. Overall, the foundation's benefits include its oil-free and long-lasting properties, while a potential drawback is the initial stickiness and need for extra blending. Gail encourages viewers to follow for more updates on the product's performance.

Video review of  by undefined
Gail  Miranda
Gail Miranda
Verified Buyer

The Brightening Eye Serum by Mario Badescu is a compact and travel-sized product that Gail tried in her video review. Gail found the serum to be creamy and easy to apply with her ring finger. She applied it under her eyes and noticed a lifting effect, which felt nice. Overall, the serum seems to have impressed Gail with its texture and performance. However, since the transcription is quite short, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive assessment of the product's benefits and drawbacks. Nonetheless, based on Gail's positive experience, it appears that the Mario Badescu Brightening Eye Serum could be a promising addition to one's skincare routine.

Video review of Jupori Temporary Tattoo by Gail  Miranda
Gail  Miranda
Gail Miranda
Verified Buyer

Overall, Jupori by Inkbox seems to be a promising product for those looking for temporary tattoos. The fact that it lasts 1-2 weeks is a great advantage, allowing users to enjoy their tattoos for an extended period. However, Gail mentioned that the longevity may be affected by activities like frequent handwashing. It's important to consider this aspect before applying the tattoo.

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