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Carla Moran - carlabeauty
Carla Moran
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Latina Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger based in Miami 💄✨


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Video review of bye panda eyes! smudge proof mascara by Carla Moran
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Carla, praises the bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence as one of the best affordable mascaras she has ever tried. She highlights its smudge-proof formula and loves the catchy name, "bye-bye panda eyes." Carla demonstrates how she achieves beautiful and perfect lashes using the mascara. Overall, she is impressed with the product, emphasizing its effectiveness. However, no potential drawbacks are mentioned in the transcription. Based on Carla's positive review, it can be concluded that the bye panda eyes! vol. def. masc. by essence is a reliable and affordable option for achieving flawless lashes.

Video review of Fine & Fragile Ultimate Detangler by Carla Moran
Verified Buyer

The Fine & Fragile Ultimate Detangler by Tangle Teezer is a game-changer for those with fine hair. According to Carla, this hairbrush is the best she has ever used in her entire life. Designed specifically for fine hair, it effortlessly detangles without causing breakage. Carla raves about its amazing performance and speedy results. She highly recommends giving it a try. Overall, the Fine & Fragile Ultimate Detangler seems to be a must-have for anyone with fine hair looking for a brush that delivers exceptional detangling without causing damage.

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