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Emily Riley - helloemilyblueb
Emily Riley
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Review by Emily Riley

ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly

The ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly in Coconut by Tower 28 Beauty is a must-have for those with dry lips during the winter season. Emily, the reviewer, mentions that her lips become dry and she can't wear her regular lipsticks. However, she found this gloss to be a great alternative. The semi-sheer, milky rosy pink color is described as a pretty pinky nudie shade that adds a touch of color without being overpowering. Emily loves that it's not sticky and stays on her lips without smearing. Overall, she highly recommends this gloss from Tower 28 Beauty for its moisturizing formula and beautiful color.

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Review by Emily Riley

Cream Highlighter

Emily recently tried out the Cream Highlighter in Champagne color by Minori Beauty and was instantly impressed. The packaging alone made her want to apply it right away. The champagne color was accurately described and looked stunning on her skin. Although her blending technique could have been better, she still found the highlighter to be super pretty. It's the perfect everyday highlighter to complement her cream products. Overall, Emily's review highlights the beautiful color and versatility of the Cream Highlighter by Minori Beauty, making it a great addition to anyone's makeup routine.

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Review by Emily Riley

Glaze Crayon

The reviewer, Emily, shares her positive experience with the Glaze Crayon in Wildflower color by Iconic London. She mentions that as a fan of cream eyeshadows, she finds this product to be long-lasting and resistant to flaking, even with glitter. Emily appreciates the convenience of the crayon format, as it eliminates the need to use pots and avoids any mess on her fingernails. She describes the color as a beautiful rose gold shade, which she finds perfect for everyday wear. Additionally, she highlights the option to add glitter for a festive touch during the holidays. Overall, Emily expresses excitement about using the Glaze Crayon more in the future.

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