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Will Herndon - herndon.will
Will Herndon
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Review by Will

Video review of  by Will Herndon

Will starts by expressing his initial skepticism about using a heated beard comb. However, after plugging it in, he notices a little smoke but reassures viewers that it doesn't smell like burning hair. He then proceeds to use the styler, confidently combing through his beard without the fear of getting burnt. He mentions that it effectively tames flyaway hairs and leaves his beard looking more manicured and groomed.

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Review by Will

Video review of Beard Oil by Will Herndon

Will's review of the Beard Oil by PUBLIC GOODS highlights both positive and negative aspects of the product. He appreciates the size of the bottle and the functionality of the dropper, which allows for easy application of a sufficient amount of beard oil. However, he expresses dissatisfaction with the scent, describing it as oily and similar to olive oil. Will mentions that the scent lingers throughout the day, overpowering other products like beard balm. He concludes by stating his preference for an unscented option. Overall, while Will acknowledges the positive features of the Beard Oil, such as its size and dropper, the strong scent detracts from his overall satisfaction with the product.

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